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Welcome to the Mold Assessment Association. As a State Chapter of the National Mold Assessment Association we are here to serve both the public and our
Welcometo the Mold Assessment Association. As a State Chapter of the National Mold Assessment Association we are here to serve both the public and our members across the nation. We exist to help problem-solve issues and concerns involving mold, with a vision of using a multidisciplinary approach, holding the highest possible standards by using best practices of each professional discipline. While this site will delineate specific guidelines and protocols that apply to the State of South Carolina, other State Chapters of the National Mold Assessment Association will each provide their own specific guidelines, as is appropriate. Those individuals from States that have not yet developed Chapters may become members of the MAA until their State Chapters have been formed, at which time their membership will be transferred over to the appropriate State. All certification programs, training courses and seminars we offer are accepted nationally. We hope you enjoy using this site, and as always, we welcome any suggestions, questions, concerns or compliments you may have in regards to either this site’s contents, or about a member. Your comments, concerns, complaints and compliments about our members are provided directly to that member, so that the member may address it directly with you.

NOTICE: Our website is constantly being updated with new information and we will be adding new pages as our association grows.

We provide Mold Training and Certification Courses for:
             Certified Mold Inspector (CMI)
             Certified Mold Investigator (CMIV)
             Certified Mold Remediator (CMR)
             Certified Mold Hygienist  (CMH)
             Master Certified Mold Specialist (MCMS)

MAA-certified mold professionals follow strict guidelines and protocols for the provision of mold services.  We also offer Mold Seminars for the public, employers and property owners, as well as Mold Awareness Courses for various trades, professionals, property managers and facilities managers.

All material provided on the Mold Assessment Association web site is for educational and informational purposes only. The information contained on the web site should not be considered specific mold advice for any person, organization or entity. Consult a medical, legal or regulatory professional for all references to medical conditions or regarding the applications, opinions or recommendations from this web site. The MAA specifically disclaims liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, that is or may be incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, resulting from or application pertaining to any of the information provided on the web site.

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